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Website in a Snap is


“I tried creating a membership site with WordPress myself but now it’s slow and nothing looks good, things aren’t working, I don’t understand the plugins… this is so frustrating, I just want to cry!”

“They said it was simple to build an online course and membership on WordPress, but, I have no idea where to even begin?”

“There has to be an easier way to create an online membership website with wordpress!”

kim kardashian

Women JUST like you feel overwhelmed

Coaches, Content Creators, Social Media Strategists, Speakers, Authors, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Podcasters, and entrepreneurs.

If you have ever been...



If you have ever been utterly confused about which theme to choose, how to setup your theme, how to make a page look good…


If you have ever wanted to throw your computer out the bloody window when trying to figure out which elearning plugin to use…


If you’ve stopped yourself from putting together that your online course site you’ve because you can’t figure out the tech…

You are in the exact right place!

the confusion ends now!

membership in a snap

"Hey! I'm Amanda Ross!"

I'm the co-host of RossSquared, the podcast, and for almost 10-years, I've been helping small businesses move into the digital space with a key focus on online course member sites.

And, all I want in life is to help you sell your online courses using WordPress with in an easy breezy way!

I’ve watch women in total frustration on Facebook groups I’m part of have complete meltdowns because they cannot figure out how to create their membership site with WordPress so they can sell online courses.


Tech and design is not everyone’s cuppa tea. It can be confusing and tough to make everything work.

But, I’ve made it SO SIMPLE for you. YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS!

I'm the co-host of RossSquared the podcast and for almost 20-years, I've been helping businesses move into the digital space with a key focus on online course memberships sites.​

And, all I want in life is to help you sell your online courses with WordPress in an easy breezy way!

I’ve watch women in total frustration on Facebook groups I’m part of have complete meltdowns because they cannot figure out how to create their membership site with WordPress so they can sell online courses.


Tech and design is not everyone’s cuppa tea. It can be confusing and tough to make everything work.

But, I’ve made it SO SIMPLE for you. YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE THIS!

What they say about me

"They pay me to figure out how I can help them."


You ready to start?

What's included in WEBSITE in a snap?

there's a lot, so take your time going through it!

the best

Plug & Play website

Once installed and setup - just like that - you will be able to plug in your content! No frustration or confusion. In 15 minutes, you're ready to add your online course!

Ecommerce plugin +addons setup

Easily sell your online courses, recurring fees, bundles or ANYTHING that's a service or digital product. It also allows certain pages to be blocked depending on what they have bought (acting like a membership site without all the bloat)!

The BEST online course platform plugin all setup

No guessing, no trying to figure out what plugin or theme to choose. Instead, I'm including the setup of one of the best online course plugins around. I've been using it for years; it comes with progress bars, quizzes, drip feed, certificates, and more.

Gorgeous design

I've been designing websites since 2001 and I brought all of my skills to the table for this! Once everything is loaded on your site all you need to do is make it your own. I've included LOADS of guides and ideas to help you.

The best page builder in the business setup

I've tried every page builder you can imagine over the years, but now I only use this and recommend this one plugin that, I promise, you will love due to the flexibility it offers!

Landing Page templates

You will get 3 landing page templates, fully designed and ready to go that you can use over and over again. Plus, you will be able to deeply customize each page differently as you go so it looks exactly like your brand (or leave it as it is and just change the words)!

List Building Signup forms

Includes gorgeous list building sign up forms that integrate with Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, ConvertKit, MailPoet, GetResponse or Mad Mimi seamlessly! You can also create additional options from pop-ups to inline or side bar forms!

Social Media Sharing

Customize your social media sharing buttons to fit your brand, style, colours, and more. Make people want to click those share buttons!

The #1 SEO Plugin

Make SEO easy! Search Engine Optimization is the best way to get noticed by Google. So, I included the best SEO plugin there is and some training on how to use it!

Mobile Ready

No website can be useful unless it's mobile ready. So, ALLL of my designs have been checked and double checked! They look gorgeous on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

Live onboarding

During the first 4 weeks, I'll hold live group training sessions where we'll go through step-by-step EXACTLY how to get your site up and running as quickly as possible.

Video training library

You will also have access to the Website In A Snap video training program where you will find tons of videos that show you how to work with your online courses and more.

Monthly LIVE Q&A

Every month, I'll hold a live session to answer any specific questions you have to help you through anything that's got you STUCK! I want this to be SO EASY for you. I do not want you to hit a brick wall!


You will be able to review and access your website with analytics right in your dashboard so you can gauge which pages are doing well and how many visitors you're getting.

Privacy page written

We keep hearing more and more about privacy and giving people all the information ahead of time with the ability to be delete if requested. Done! The Privacy Policy I'm including covers you*.

Plugin Recommendations

You may want to add additional plugins to help you accomplish different things. NEVER worry about which one to choose. I share my top plugins in a wide range of areas, plus you can ask me in the monthly Q&A sessions about anything I haven't mentioned! And, if I love it, I'll add it to my recommendation list.

*if you add or change anything on the site, the Privacy Policy will need to be updated to reflect that.

worth over $25,000.00 (seriously)

(if I fully custom create, build, setup, design this for you, that’s what it costs)

All of your questions answered!

This is the perfect solution for women online entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits and side hustle lovers who don’t have the time to learn all the technology needed to build this themselves nor the bank account to pay for a custom online course site with WordPress (that can start at $25,000.00).

Are you a Coach, Consultant, Virtual Assistant, Photographer, Course creator, Wedding Planner, Event planner, Speaker, PR specialist, Yoga teachers, Makeup artist, Copywriter, Content creator, Health & wellness coach, Author or another type of Service-based businesses looking to take your business online in a seamless way? YEA? Then YOU are who this is for.

I use WordPress and only WordPress. It is the #1 website platform in the world with over 30% of website using this platform (the next most used is Drupal at 6%). It is highly versatile, easy to manage yourself, and allows never-ending growth opportunities.

We do not provide any “content” in terms of copywriting or images specific to your brand. You will do that and LOVE it!

HOWEVER, in the video library you will find a few great videos that give you a TON of pointers and I’ll show you where I get my stuff.

I clutch my pearls and I look at you aghast! Nope-ity nope nope!

Not only am I live with you multiple times during the first 4 weeks, but once a month I hold a LIVE Q&A to help you with all “How the heck do I…?” sorts of questions that come up about expanding your site and creating a cool place for your clients.

You have access to everything for 12 months from the date of purchase! If you want to continue receiving access, you can renew for $197/yr USD.

Not at all. Are there a few steps you have to go through? Yes.

But, I take you through them clearly and specifically.

If you can follow a step-by step video (live or watching the rerun), then you can do this.

It will literally take you less than 30 minutes to be ready to go. THINK ABOUT THAT!

If you have ever tried to create anything like this before you know that is mind-blowing!

Once that’s done, you just have to setup and connect your actual online course content and your landing page!

There are some things already setup as “templated” that you can use as is, or if you WANT to go next level, then you can customize the crap out of this!


This is full-blown LMS.

LMS = Learning Management System (where you’ll build your course; COURSE -> MODULES -> LESSONS -> QUIZZES)

This allows for progress tracking, quizzing, assignment uploads, points, leaderboards, certificates and so much more.

Plus, you will have the ability to create member-style pages and content for different purchases. Like a simplified membership site without all the extra bloat.

Yes, you do need to have website hosting already in place and a BLANK domain (literally empty, nothing installed, not even WordPress). Not sure about hosting, check out SiteGround – the ONLY hosting recommend cause they’re the freaking best! I would recommend the GROW BIG option under Web Hosting. You can also buy domains with them. If you already have hosting, I would suggest creating a SUB-domain to host this site (anyname.yourdomain.com which would be like: learn.brandinasnap.com). These are almost always free to setup with your hosting account. AND, YES, I have included some video training on all of this that you will have immediate access to once you’re in! 😉

As many as you want to! If, for some reason, your site became too large, your hosting will reach out to you so you can build an action plan to continue to move your business forward…but it will take a WHOLE ton of courses for you to use up all that space (I’m using SiteGround’s Grow Big account as an example here)

Yes! Of course, especially if you have NEVER used your domain yet. If you have…I do not recommend this. I much prefer you put this on a SUB-domain (anyname.yourdomain.com which would be like learn.brandinasnap.com).

Some things to note about putting it on your main domain IF you are already using it…

 – You will have to pull a backup of your blog posts and any other content you currently have on your site, make note of any plugins you need and HOW you have them setup.

 – Once Website In A Snap is loaded on your domain, you can then import your blogs and pages, re-upload all plugins, and set them up as they were, reconnect everything, etc.

…again, just like Marie Forleo does with B-School, we recommend you use a SUB-domain instead, which avoids all of this hassle and potential for lost content.

Girl, would I ever love to say yes to this, however, unfortunately, this is “digital product” that you are handed, I can’t take it back, remove access or cancel your account once I give it to you. 

So, no, there are no full refunds.

However, on a case-by-case basis, within 7 days of purchase, I will offer a 50% refund on Website In A Snap and remove your access to Website In A Snap content that is hosted on, BrandInASnap.com or Zoom, Facebook, etc. Such as training videos, live access to me, private groups, etc.

NOTE: I do not refund you for the plugins you purchase, however, the 4 you need to purchase for Website In A Snap all include, at least, a 30-day refund policy that you can access directly from the plugin creator.

Before I answer this, let’s review what some of the other options (using their most popular tiers that would have similar abilities to Website In A Snap) would cost you for your $497 online course sold to 100 people:

  • Teachable: $2,953.00/year
  • Thinkific: $1,188.00/year
  • Kajabi: $1,908.00/year
  • Kartra: $2,388.00/year
  • Podia: $948.00/year

Alright, now, the answer us YES, there are 3 plugins that you will need and 1 that I recommend and they will cost you approximately $500 USD annually (for continued updates and support from the plugin creator, which I ALWAYS recommend…an outdated site is a dangerous site – hackers LOVE outdated sites).

And, remember this is on WordPress, which means you get to fully customize and continue to build on this EXACTLY how you want to – NO limitations! 

Other online course providers that are FAR less flexible than WordPress (Teachables, Thinkific, Kajabi, Kartra, Clickfunnels, etc.) either have higher transaction fees or a high monthly ranging from: 5% to $119 per month.

A 5% fee for a course with a price of $497 sold to 100 people would cost you $2,485 (plus there’s a monthly fee on top of that).

Not with us, but with the payment provider we have setup with this product, STRIPE! The fees are 2.9% +$0.30 (setup your account here).

You will need a business bank account that Stripe can move your money into every 3-7 business days as well…but OF COURSE you have one of those anyway, right?!


I’m including 3 landing pages that you can use over and over again – you just write the new content into the page, change to your images/colours and tada! You’re good to go.

These landing pages can be for a free item or for a paid item. Totally up to you.

In the back end you connect each item to the mailing list of your choice (Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, ConvertKit, MailPoet, GetResponse or Mad Mimi) so that clients get the right stuff in their inbox every time.

Plus, you can add them to an overall mailing list that would be more focused on your other content (blog posts, etc).

“Heavens – no!!”, I exclaim as I clutch my pearls!

NO – this comes with a theme, yes, but this is literally what people hire me to design for them. They pay me thousands of dollars for custom built online course websites.

This is basically that, without the “customized” to your brand part. YOU do that. You add your content, colours, fonts, courses.

BUT, there are over 10 plugins all setup and ready inside Website In A Snap.

Again, NOPE, not at all just a theme.

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Don’t miss out!

the best


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