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"Hey! I'm Amanda!"

"I love helping businesses get serious about growth through online opportunities."

In 2001 (after leaving a leadership role in fashion), I studied web design, where it was all hideous code that created gorgeous things – I was hooked!

Later, I led a creative team with an annual budget of $1MIL for 6 years and I led two real estate companies to double their success while coaching hundreds of agents on how to build their brands (with a focus on the digital space).

In 2013 I left corporate to open SparkologyLab where I’ve helped hundreds of small businesses get serious about growth through online opportunities.

I’m a podcast co-host on a show called RossSquared, my dog’s name is Buffy after the Vampire Slayer (TV not movie), I listen to acoustic hip-hop and R&B while I work and I have a very well-thought out plan for the coming Zombie apocalypse.

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