Using our already developed site (template) we will work with the client to build the look and feel in 1 week (Done In One). 

Items included in this option:

  • Premium Digital Shopping Cart setup
  • Premium Learning Management plugin setup
  • Premium design builder included
  • Simple purchase setup
  • Email software linked to website
  • Logo added
  • Colours and fonts added (chosen from Google Fonts)
  • Online course skeleton setup, ready for content to be added by you
  • Setting up site on your domain

Pages pre-designed:

  • Login
  • Landing page template
  • Thank you with purchase receipt
  • Members only page
  • User profile
  • Cart

Once done, all you have to do is add content to online course pages.

NOTE: nothing is “customized” and is built on an as is template.

  • Setup payment of $2997.00 USD
  • Plus Annual renewal of $247.00 USD